Fundraising automations to delight your donors, streamline your gift processing and raise more money.

Workflow automation ready to go on day one.

Whether you’re a development professional or database administrator, our automations can improve your productivity and help you raise more money.

Plug-and-play automations

AutomateGenius brings the power of automation to nonprofits of all sizes. Our custom solutions are designed by real-world fundraisers to solve actual problems. And our solutions are easy to install and manage – no coding experience is needed.

Improve Productivity and Save Time

Free you and your team from repetitive, time-consuming tasks with easy-to-use automations – so you can focus on things that require a more human touch.

Automate Emails and Notifications

Don’t waste time digging through your database – let our automations serve up personalized emails for you to send to your donors at just the right time.  Want an email notification when a major donor makes his or her gift? Yep, we can do that too.


You take the credit

Alert that a donor has
made a major gift

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Automation Templates Designed by Actual Fundraisers

Our automation solutions are designed to save you time and delight your donors.

Automatic Gift Acknowledgement

This workflow creates personalized gift acknowledgments for your donors. You can choose to send the messages automatically to donors who have an email address on file and create batches of letters for printing and mailing.

Draft personalized emails

This workflow combs through your database and drafts emails for you to send to your donors based on pre-set criteria. Nonprofits can use this flow to generate timely birthday messages, acknowledge increased gifts, welcome new donors to the appeal or celebrate a donor moving up to a new giving tier. The emails are created as drafts in your development officer’s Outlook account, so he or she has the final say on what gets sent and when.

Alert fundraisers to new gifts from their assigned constituents

This workflow notifies fundraisers when one of their assigned constituents makes a gift. Fundraisers can receive the alert as an email, along with a link to easily view the constituent’s profile and giving history.

Search for duplicate records

Having good data is key to a successful fundraising program. This workflow runs around the clock and alerts the database administrator anytime someone creates a new constituent record that is likely a duplicate. Stop just fixing dupes when it’s time to send a mailing and start tackling them as they come in.

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Donor Stewardship: Build Stronger Relationships with Your Donors

We help development directors have more impact than they ever thought possible. Building stronger relationships with your donors requires a lot of work and personal touch. Our automated workflows are designed to save you time and improve your donor stewardship.

From an initial thank-you email to wishing someone a happy birthday, every interaction should be personal and sincere. But that is just the start to recognizing your donor. Based upon the donor’s gift and their expectations, you can craft a message that is tailored for them and delivered straight to their inbox.

Using automated workflows not only saves you time but will help you retain your donors and grow their giving levels.

Data Hygiene: Make the Most of Your Data

You gather and store data from various sources, including your online donation page, event management system, wealth research, and other digital sources. Without a process or checks and balances in place, your data can quickly become overwhelming.

For example, imagine how much money you are spending on a mailing because you have duplicate records that never get cleaned up. Now think about how many times per year you send a mailing. The cost adds up fast.

With AutomateGenius, you can easily setup notifications to streamline your data cleaning process (and save money along the way).

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