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AskGenius creates the perfect ask string for everyone on your mailing list.

How it Works


Connect your data

Connect AskGenius directly to your Raiser’s Edge NXT database, or upload an Excel file from your favorite donor management system. (More integrations coming soon!)


Select your strategy

Eager to boost gifts from mid-level donors? Want to upgrade those new donors from last year? Or just looking for an across-the-board increase in giving? Apply one of our tried-and-true strategies to accomplish your goal. Plus, the longer you work with us the smarter our algorithms become – allowing you to raise even more money, year after year.

Hover over each strategy below to learn more.

The Secret Sauce

Ask Genius - Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce

A moderate increase for donors at all levels based on a combination of past giving and wealth indicators. This is the strategy that has already raised tens of millions of dollars for nonprofit clients across the country.

Nice and Easy

Ask Genius - Nice and Easy

Nice and Easy

A conservative strategy that asks donors to renew their previous gift, with limited increases based on giving history and wealth indicators.

Swing for the Fences

Ask Genius - Swing for the Fences

Swing for the Fences

Go big or go home with this strategy that sets a baseline increase of 10-30% from prior gifts, with additional bumps based on past giving and wealth indicators.

New Donor Upgrade

Ask Genius - New Donor Upgrade

New Donor Upgrade

A clever take on our "Nice and Easy" strategy that aims to upgrade your newest donors before they establish a routine gift amount.

Join the Club

Ask Genius - Join the Club

Join the Club

Are you promoting giving circles or clubs? Use this formula to highlight specific gift amounts and encourage donors below each level to upgrade their gift.

I Don't Believe We've Met

Ask Genius - I Don't Believe We've Met

I Don't Believe We've Met

Sometimes the only thing you have to go on is an address. Use this formula to set ask amounts based on the relative affluence of a donor's zip code.


Fine tune your asks

Ask Genius - Fine tune your asks
Nobody knows your donors better than you. Once you’ve applied a strategy, we make it easy for you to adjust the individual ask amounts. We even flag prospects worthy of extra attention and pre-sort your information so you can adjust the asks up or down for individual donors or entire groups.
Ask Genius - Export your file for printing


Export your file for printing

You’ve applied your strategy, reviewed ask amounts, and made your tweaks. Now it’s time to export your data to an Excel file so you can either print your letters in-house or send everything off to your direct mail vendor. Your donor data and personalized ask strings are packaged neat and tidy with everything you need to run a world-class appeal.

Raise more money with fewer headaches.

Do you want to see more before trying it? Watch a three-minute video walkthrough here.

Understand the thinking behind it all, see The Science of Smarter Ask Strings