10 Reasons Why Your Current Donation Page is Leaving Money on the Table

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10 Reasons Why Your Current Donation Page is Leaving Money on the Table

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0:00 – Intro, background on PSG and AskGenius
2:34 – Fundraising areas we’ve optimized
3:52 – What is A/B testing?
8:21 – A donation page versus a page that also allows you to donate
10:25 – Create a donation page that isn’t full of noise
12:45 – Should I include navigation links?
16:24 – Your donation form is too long
19:02 – Don’t require people to “log in” to make a gift
21:50 – Don’t use open-ended donation forms EXCEPT in this one situation…
24:54 – Segment your donation pages by ask amount
27:38 – How to set/assign personalized ask amounts
30:17 – How to prioritize recurring gifts in your donation funnel
36:53 –Mobile friendly donation pages
38:47 – Don’t redirect donors to another website
39:18 – Should I use social media for donations?
43:20 – Q&A

How do you design a fundraising donation page that raises the most money possible?

Our team has researched, designed, and tested countless donation pages and we’re going to share everything we’ve learned.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The best design for every donation page
  • The top 10 donation page mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How and why to segment your donation pages
  • How to design a page that inspires donors to set up a recurring gift
  • Our favorite piece of advice that most nonprofits forget on their donation page
Nic Prenger
Nic Prenger
Founder/ CEO, AskGenius
Rob Simms

Rob Simms
Director of Digital Services