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Personalize your
fundraising asks

AskGenius uses data and behavioral science to help you raise more money with your next fundraising appeal.

Ask Genius

How much money are you leaving on the table?

If you ask for too small a gift, you’re depriving your nonprofit of the funds it needs to carry on its mission. But if you ask for too much, you risk alienating your donor. AskGenius analyzes your database and helps you thread the need the needle with customized ask strings based on actual donor behavior and decades of fundraising experience.

Ask Genius - Bar Chart

Raise more money

AskGenius can increase gifts to your next fundraising appeal by an average of 10%. That’s because we know exactly where to find those donors who are ready to increase their support. (Hint: they’re hiding inside your database, buried beneath mountains of data that you just don’t have time to sort through.)

Ask Genius - Bar Chart

With fewer headaches

Let’s be honest. You don’t have time to go through every donor, line-by-line, to set the perfect ask amount. So let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our genius algorithms serve up the perfect ask amount based on your internal data, and we make it easy for you to quickly adjust our suggestions up or down.
Ask Genius - Testimonial

We applied AskGenius strategies to our annual appeal and raised an additional $1 million while our average gift went up 16 percent!

– Kelly Halaszyn
Director of Development for the Diocese of Dallas

Conde León

Our genius process for creating perfect ask amounts

Connect your data and get started

Securely connect AskGenius to your Raiser’s Edge database or upload an Excel file from your favorite donor management system.

Choose the perfect strategy

Pick and choose from a menu of proven fundraising algorithms. Whether you’re looking to increase overall giving, upgrade lower-level donors, or promote giving societies, we’ve got a strategy that will get the job done.

Fine-tune your asks

Once you’ve applied the strategy, you can easily adjust ask amounts for individual donors or entire groups. We make it easy for you to modify ask amounts to fit your unique donors.

Trust our security & privacy

Your data belongs to you, and you alone. That’s why we never keep donor information on file and we never share your data with anyone else. We access your data just long enough to help you set custom ask amounts, then we turn everything back over to you so you can print and mail your appeal. Read about our security and privacy policy here.

Your custom ask string
for each donor
Ask Genius - Pledge Card

We’ll share the genius.
You take the credit.

Whether you’re a development director trying to hit your annual appeal goal or a database manager who is tired of bouncing back and forth between Raiser’s Edge, Excel spreadsheets, and bump tables, AskGenius was built for you.

Get the most out of your appeal

In this competitive fundraising environment, every gift matters. Use AskGenius to optimize your appeal and inspire donors to increase their gifts.

Spend time on what matters most

It would take you days to sort through each donor’s giving history and set custom ask amounts based on the latest research and behavioral science. Leave that work to us, so that you can spend your time meeting with donors, solving problems, and building your case for support.

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Get more from the software you already have

We’re not here to replace your donor management software. We’re here to help you take all that data you’ve collected and put it to good use – setting smarter, customized ask amounts for every donor.

Ask Genius - More from your software
Ask Genius - Fundraising Tool

Finally, a fundraising tool that just plain works

If AskGenius seems a little more helpful than the software you’re used to, it’s because our application was built by a team of actual fundraisers. Our team boasts decades of experience leading high-performing annual appeals for colleges and universities, high schools, Catholic dioceses, healthcare organizations, community non-profits, and everything in between.

We’ve pulled the lists, written the letters, segmented the asks, and lost sleep over LYBUNTS and SYBUNTS. We’ve labored over mail merges, and we definitely know the feeling of relief when the appeal finally reaches goal.

Over the years we’ve researched and tested every fundraising appeal strategy we can think of, and we programed everything we’ve learned about donor behavior into the AskGenius strategies.

Raise more money with fewer headaches.

Do you want to see more before trying it? Watch a three-minute video walkthrough here.