7 Common Pledge Card Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Visit our Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Pledge Cards to download and personalize our pledge card template for your organization.

Ultimate guide to fundraising pledge cards

7 Common Pledge Card Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

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0:48 – Intro, background on PSG and AskGenius
3:04 –Do full-page pledge cards work better? Our research results
6:55 – Should you ask for credit card information on your pledge card?
10:25 – Thoughts on scanlines and package codes
12:08 – How to design your pledge card
16:05 –Download the perfect pledge card template
16:50 – Why you should personalize your ask amounts
19:23 – Using AskGenius to set personalized request amounts
24:59 – Should you present your asks high-to-low or low-to-high?
29:06 – Creating personalized donation pages
34:36 – How to promote recurring giving

Donation pledge cards are a critical part of fundraising. Yet many organizations make simple mistakes that limit how much money they can raise.

Join the team from AskGenius as they share the hilarious story of how they spent 3 years designing the perfect pledge card. Learn surprising results from countless A/B tests, design tweaks, and relentless feedback from donors, gift processors, banks, and lockbox providers.

Nic Prenger and Andrew Menke will discuss the 7 most common mistakes they see when it comes to designing pledge cards. Attendees can skip all the heartache and jump right to the finished product – a pledge card that is scientifically proven to raise more money on your next appeal.

Attendees will learn practical tips to raise more money, including:

  • What are the essential elements of a pledge card?
  • Should you ask for credit card information on the card?
  • Should you promote one-time gifts, recurring gifts or both?
  • How much should you ask for?
  • Do QR codes work?
  • Does the size of your pledge card matter?
Nic Prenger
Nic Prenger
Founder/ CEO, AskGenius
Andrew Menke

Andrew Menke
Senior Product Manager