The Fundraiser’s Guide to End-of-Year Giving


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Imagine the delight of your board of directors when you knock your end-of-year campaign out of the park!  

Look no further!  

Introducing “The Fundraiser’s Essential Guide to End-of-Year Giving” by AskGenius. This must-have resource is packed with practical, real-life, and tested tips to propel your fundraising efforts. 

We know that end-of-year giving and annual appeals are crucial for non-profit organizations like yours. But we understand that crafting the perfect appeal letter and standing out in donors’ mailboxes can be a daunting task. 

That’s why our team of experts at AskGenius has meticulously crafted this guide, drawing from our proven methods that have raised millions of dollars for non-profits just like yours. We’ve tested these strategies on tens of thousands of appeal letters and perfected them to help you exceed your year-end fundraising goals.

In “The Fundraiser’s Essential Guide to End-of-Year Giving,” you’ll discover insider tips on how to: 

  • Plan an optimal end of year giving timeline.
  • Craft compelling appeal letters that capture donors’ attention and inspire them to give generously.
  • Optimize your donation pledge card with personalized ask amounts.
  • Create a stewardship plan that nurtures donor relationships long after the donations are made. 

Download “The Fundraiser’s Essential Guide to End-of-Year Giving” today to start planning your next campaign.