How to Run a Year End Matching Gift Challenge

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How to Run a Year End Matching Gift Challenge

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0:55 –Background on PSG and AskGenius
4:45 – The big secret about matching gifts
6:21 – Two gifts for the price of one
7:31 – How matching gift challenges work
9:05 – How to find your challenge donor
13:35 – How to communicate the matching gift opportunity
15:54 – Striking the right tone
17:33 – Sample direct mail letters
22:03 – Sample email messages
24:37 – Sample social media messages
25:48 – Promoting matching gifts in printed materials
26:44 – How to ask for the right amount
30:40 – 3 interesting ways to structure the match
35:30 – Q&A


Year-end giving is critical to the success of your fundraising program. Nearly 30% of annual giving occurs in the month of December. It’s one of the best (and last) opportunities to meet your fundraising goals.

Matching gift challenges are a simple, effective way to draw attention to year-end giving and inspire donors to take action before December 31.

In this webinar we’ll walk through what a matching gift challenge looks like, and we’ll show a step-by-step approach you can take to implement a matching gift challenge at your organization before the end of the year.


Watch our webinar and learn how to:


  • Find and approach a donor candidate to create matching gift challenge opportunity
  • Set a deadline for the matching gift challenge
  • Promote the matching gift challenge through mail, email, social media and other channels
  • Encourage online gifts to make it easier on your gift processing team during the final week of the year
Nic Prenger

Nic Prenger
Founder/ CEO, AskGenius

Leslie Ulrich

Leslie Ulrich
Development Consultant