Using Automation to Streamline Gift Processing and Reporting

Using Automation to Streamline Gift Processing and Reporting

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1:32 Background on who we are
4:35 How we started doing automation; Diocese of Phoenix experiment
11:10 Fundraising automation
15:40 How it works
16:52 Case studies in automation
17:58 Gift acknowledgements (formal)
20:52 Email gift acknowledegments (informal)
23:11 Gifts without an ask!
25:07 Gift notifications for internal staff
26:50 Data cleaning automation
32:17 Data reporting automation
34:36 Automation ideas for data cleanup you can implement
36:15 Automation ideas for gift processing you can implement
38:10 How you can get started
41:30 What’s coming next from us
43:00 Questions and Answers

Automation tools like Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier are allowing development offices to streamline the way they process gifts, generate reports, and communicate with donors.

In this practical webinar, the team from Prenger Solutions Group shares case studies from nonprofit clients who have embraced automation and will never go back.

You will learn from nonprofits who used automation to:

1. Streamline their gift acknowledgment process to save time and money
2. Identify and welcome first-time donors
3. Send follow-up emails to LYBUNTS and SYBUNTS
4. Generate and distribute complicated reports with the click of a button
5. Alert major gift officers when one of their assigned prospects makes a gift
6. Draft heartfelt, personalized emails based on the donor’s most recent activity

Andrew Menke

Nic Prenger
Founder/CEO, AskGenius

Rob Simms

Austen Brown
Database Consultant, Automation Engineer

Rob Simms

Stacy Cope
Director of Automation Services